Nach 11 Jahren: Neues Plastikman-Album, vollständig im Netz

EX is released digitally on 10 June and on vinyl, CD and limited edition SubPac bundle on 14 July. In addition to the vinyl, CD and digital releases, Plastikman has teamed up with SubPac to create a Limited Edition Premium Bundle. The album will be presented on vinyl, with a signed certificate of authenticity and a custom Plastikman edition of the SubPac S1. SubPac is a unique portable bass system that allows an immersive music experience. When you’re using the SubPac, the powerful bass and sub-bass frequencies – the sensations you usually only get in a club situation – are reproduced meaning you can actually FEEL the music.




dann gibts wohl wieder einmal

dann gibts wohl wieder einmal einen grund, mir eine "richtige" platte zuzulegen! merci fürn tipp!