Pascal Pinkert aka Dollkraut is a unique specimen in today’s world of clean and sterile music production. The Dutch producer is best described as an analogue sound wizard with a golden touch for pop moments. His music often sounds like a past that was more beautiful, more broken and more glimmering than it actually was. Dollkraut dares to sound like no one else, cinematic and glamorous, rough and haunting. His tracks are driven by a deep love for old lo-fi fuelled recordings, 70's space age synths and John Barry or Ennio Morricone fuzziness galore. (Quelle:

Wenn schon so treffend beschrieben, brauch ich meinen Senf auch nicht dazugeben. Es kommt düster minimalistisch daher, aber anbedracht des analogen Synthysounds recht spannend. Und erst der Name.. Puppenkraut? Eher Tollkirsche. Schöne Kraut-Rock Reminiszenz.